The Jack Stafford Show #1 

Tune in this Sunday here to watch the launch of 'The Jack Stafford Show'. I'll be playing songs from my new album of greatest hits, interviewing people of note, chatting to friends around the world and playing with special guests. It'll be a bit like a DJ who plays the songs himself rather than putting on records. It could be great. It could be a disaster. But it will be fun. Come and see for yourself.


I'm very excited to announce my first online concert.!

This special event will be held on Sunday 29th March at 4pm GMT via Google Hangout.

It's going to be great fun, so come and get involved good people of the world!

If you haven't heard of Google Hangout, don't fret, it's just like Skype

 To get involved SIGN UP HERE

I've some brand new material to unleash on you, as well as some favourites from my back catalogue.

I'm happy to take requests too, so get in touch via FACEBOOK or TWITTER before next Wednesday (give me a chance to practice them!)

Hopefully see you soon !  




I'm very happy to announce I'm giving away a free download of  'My Favourites LP'  This is a selection of my all-time favourite Jack Stafford Foundation tracks.

These 5 choice songs are amongst the best songs I've written and released. So fill your boots good people of the world!
 You can download the EP for free here:  'My Favourites LP'

Please let me know what you think of these songs and my selections. You can do it here on my Facebook and  Twitter pages.
Would you have chosen these tracks?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Enjoy the music...... Cheers,  Jack

Are you the master of your mind? 

Recorded in Agropoli with Francesco Citera on accordion. The song is about how most of us put all our efforts into controlling the outer world, while inside we go to pieces. Devote a little time to listening to the crazy voice in your head every day, and then sometimes you can get away without doing what it says. Link to lyrics

All the time - w/Francesco Citera 

I'm very honoured to be able to be able to play with musicians like Francesco Citera. He's completely at one with his instrument. We only have to play through the songs once and he's got it. A real virtuoso. He doesn't have a website - he's too busy playing - but search for him on Youtube and be blown away.

You are not the voice in your head 

I'm a big fan of Eckhart Tolle. He's an inspiration for the modern age. A new prophet. The main thing to know is the voice in your head is just a program that gives answers, suggestions and ideas based on your experiences. Your actual consciousness, who you really are, is much deeper. We're actually sleep-walking through the day.

Satellite of love 

I used to live across from Bar Sciue Sciue in Agropoli and Alessandro, the owner, is a real character. I got behind the bar last week to sing him a song and cheer him up.

Bit of a Buddha 

My consciousness fades in and out. Sometimes I've got a widescreen sense, the next moment I'm staring at the ground while I walk mumbling to myself. It's sad. But knowing you're crazy is half the battle. Right!?


A cover of an old Jack Stafford song. He's one of my favourite artists. If not the favourite.


I had always thought that Eddie Vedder wrote this song - a classic for modern times about our obsession with the material world, with poignant lyrics and a haunting melody - but it turns out it was written by guy called Jerry Hannan. I only found out when I covered it and credited it to Vedder, only to be corrected by my fans. I don't know how he and Eddie crossed paths, but Vedder made it famous when he covered it for the soundtrack for the film Into the wild.

Here's Hannan's version below... I think they use the same backing track. Strange.


I stayed with a crazy American family on tour while on tour in San Diego in 2006 and their child was out of control. They said he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, and the song was originally called Parental Deficiency Disorder.

Thanks to everyone at Bakery Art in Agropoli for letting us film there.

Go there for some great cakes! Bakery Art, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 21, 84043 Agropoli Salerno, Italia

I hear you've got a kid, wild and free
Em C D G
And you don't know, what it could be

He's wrecking your house, destroying your home
Can't be left for two minutes alone

Just when you're on the edge of insanity
You discover the term ADD

Now you can give him plenty of treats
Chocolate, cookies, crisps and sweets
Drive him to school, never walk anywhere
Don't let him play outside
When he's hyper with pent-up energy
Get him tested for ADD

Make all his food tasty and colorful
Sugary drinks and ice cream by the tub-full
Everything's processed, nothing's fresh
Minimal vegetable, plenty of flesh
Then when he's at Grandma's and won't sit down for tea
Blame it on the ADD

Let him stay up late every night
Get up in the morning whenever he likes
Indulge his rugged rebellious streak
Give him a new toy every week
When people say he's spoilt
Whisper to friends that it's ADD

Fill him with fear of the stranger danger
The candymen that don't need the dark
Keep him off the streets he could get by a car
And away from the syringes in the park
Give him all the freedom in the world, as long as he's inside

Let him spend days in combat game sessions
Sign him up for karate lessons
Build up his collection of ninja toys
Stick him in daycare with bigger boys
Then when he makes his sister bleed
Spank him for his ADD

Keep him quiet with animation
If he's causes ttouble he goes in isolation
Don't bother to plead to get him to read
Talk to the kid like a kid
When he can't master his ABC
It's another symptom of ADD

Give him 300 channels and a remote control
40 games for his portable console
20 cereals and 30 shoes
Kill his attention span and ability to choose
So if he doesn't win the spelling bee
He'll be able to say it's his ADD

Memorize the symptoms on Wikipedia
Spout all the stats you heard in the media
Blame the teachers and his education
Sedate him with Ritalin medication
While you at it get something for your anxiety
Float away together on ADD

When he's older and wiser and his life is a mess
Can't cope with working or get any success
He'll remember the snacks of his infancy
All the sugar you ate in pregnancy
When he accuses you of parental deficiency
Plead the 5th and ADD


I lived in Eindhoven for 2 years. Happy memories. Strolling along the Stratumseind, singing in the old Effenaar, dancing in the now defunct Dans Salon. Formative years. It's not a beautiful place, but it is honest.