You are the average (balance with opposites)

Em G Am
If you're Vata you need Kapha friends
To get stability
For you they live life in slow motion
With no mobility

But this is what you need to slow down
Embrace their sober pace
Sandwiched between their strict routines
You can find a kind of peace

Oh man, you are the average
Of the 5 people
With whom you spend most of the time

You are the average
For long life and good health
Find qualities opposite to yourself

If you're Pitta don't have Pitta friends
They'll bring out the worse in you
Life will become a competition
As you each try to out do

And if like most you're a dual dosha
You'll need creative reasons
For changing friends like you change your clothes
Have friends for different seasons


If you're Kapha seek out Vata friends
To blow away your fog
They'll annoy you with their endless movement
But your congestion will unclog

Pitta friends will give you direction
Melt your body and mind
If you can see past their criticism
It's medicine prescribed

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