Vagabond gone

I was once like you are now
Living a holding pattern of a life
D                                  E
Driving a vicious circle just to pay for the wheels

Now I travel from town to town
My home is wherever my hat's put down
I only got what I need, and I don't want what I don't have

I was raised in the city of greed
Taught I had to spend to satisfy my needs
There was an appliance for everything and happiness the right attachment

It was being spelled out every night
Get yourself a wife boy, get a family
Or you'll live alone and you'll die a sad forgotten death

Finally I got wise
I'd bought into the big lie in a big way
I saw that nothing much I did made much of a difference anyway

You don't need the car
You don't need the house
You don't need the weatherman to know the birds go south

You don't need the money
And you don't need to save
You're working for the system, and you've become your slave

And it's with this new attitude that I roam
Meeting people that I would never have known
Strangers are friends that I just haven't met yet

If you've been brought up on the papers of fear
You might be pretty surprised to hear
That most people aren't killers and they're not all out to rape you

They all say well you must get tired
You must miss some of the life you left
You can't be homesick if you don't have a home


I meet the odd big mouth with deaf ears
Who preaches the benefits of the capitalist scheme
It's mainly when you buy the ears that they throw in the mouth for free

People don't like to hear there's another way
How long can you keep up people say
If I ask them that back then they usually walk away

Put your mind in your shoes down the line
When you've worked up to 70 and looking back
And your pension's worth a pittance and you wish you had the body for travelling


Spare lyrics:
It's not like I've dropped out and living a tree
I'm still a paid up member of society
In fact I meet more people than that homeboy ever used to

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