The seeds inside me

Capo 4th


C                                                       G

Oh my God I’ve been wound up tighter

            Em                                                F

Than the band around the old oak tree

   C                                    Em

Not angry as such, just thinking too much

F                                    G

And all I wanted came true

Oh my God I’ve been wound up tighter

Than the cord that runs around your heart

Planting the seeds, that turned into weeds

And suffocated all of my love



All the problems I see


Were seeds inside me

F                                                   C

And I’ve been nursing them in there for so long

I’m surprised now you know

How they started to grow


And soon they were out of control

They fed on the dirt

As I piled up hurt

And the conditions were truly perfect

It’s clear now I sing

That thoughts become things

But back then I deaf to the words



Slowly I’ve seen

How foolish I’ve been

Wishing happiness just for myself

It’s sadly short-sighted

And sorrow’s invited

When you sow the seeds in such a small space

Instead of spreading ‘em wide

Cos then you’re laughing inside

As you suddenly see you’re feeding the world



F                                                 C

Start thinking that you need to stop thinking

Em                                                G

Turn down the volume inside your own head

Don’t look at the dots that it’s linking

They only exit in your head


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