The rules (of Ayurveda)

VERSE (morning)
You wash your hands
You scrub your face
You scrape your tongue
Then meditate

Then it's yoga
For half an hour
Then a massage
And a shower

You scrape your tongue
Then ginger tea
20 minutes
Before you eat

Cook your fruit
And then your porridge
I get tired....
...of the rules

VERSE (lunch)
You've peeled your almonds
That you soaked

CHORUS (slower)
D                                   F#m
I want to be like everybody else
D                                      F#m
Eat what I like and never really care
Bm                                                  D
I'd die in pain but at least I'd have a blast
F#                                Bm
Cos I'm so tired... of the rules

VERSE (faster)
You take your triphala

Soak the fruits
And the almonds

CHORUS (slower)
But every time I go a little crazy
Do something I know is really wrong
I wake up in the morning feeling so bad
That I go running... to the rules

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