The Opposite of Vata

It's crystal clear what Ayurveda will give me
A nervous breakdown, that's for sure
Obsessing over how things affect my VPK
I don't need a reason to worry more

F                   C
The opposite of dry
F                 Am
The opposite of cold
F       C         G
The opposite of stimulation

Why did they have to make it so complicated?
They take out all the fun
I've always forget what I've been educated
Think I'll have a coffee and go out for a run


Am                                  C
Oil massages, oil in my food
Early nights, regular routines
Heavy soups, sweet and salty
Relaxing music, candlelit baths
Walks in the park, forest meditations
I need to be boring
So my life should be boring

C              G                F                       G
It's the opposite of dry, that you need to try
C                    G                     F                          G
It's the opposite of cold, don't say you haven't been told
C                      G                       F                               G
The bit that'll give you most frustration, the opposite of stimulation

Na na na na - stable not mobile
Na na na na - oily not dry
Na na na na - warm calm and collected
Na na na na - weighed down

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