The only cyclist in Athens

I started off in circles finding my way around
But before long I'm desperately lost
I look out for landmarks but it all looks the same
And the signs are in jibberish
I'm lost on Athens' streets

The marble streets are slippery after a sharp thunderstorm
And the corners are treacherous
Motorcyclists surround me with their new licenses
Forced by their economy
Onto Athens streets

C                   E
So I ride ever harder
Am              E
Trying to get away
C                   E
But the bikes they are faster
Am              E
And I just can't find my way
Off these Athens streets
E                                                         Am
Athens is no place, no place for a rider like me

I stick to the bus lanes to stay out of the way
cos they don't have any for bikes
But the taxis come after me and the buses break hard
Spilling their people out
Onto Athens streets

I come off the main roads onto the one-way streets
But the obstacles are hiding there too
Car doors open and drivers pull out
I swerve and I brake and I dodge
Down these Athens streets

CHORUS (cars)

I made it to a park where it's peaceful at last
Or so I was foolish to hope
Stray dogs surround me and close in a pack
And the biggest jumps on my bike
I ride to Athens' streets

CHORUS (dogs)

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