The dancer

I was sitting in a bar very late one night
I'd stopped in for a drink to set myself straight
E                                                                            Am
I won't go into the details, save to say I need time to think

When my thoughts were stopped and my mind wiped clean
As a vision appeared by my side

She gave me her name and asked me the time
And suggested I buy her a drink

She was solid seduction and liquid sex
She could show you the time of your life and then break your neck
With a swirl she turned and stood on the bar

And then she danced for me
She'd make a lord tell lies and a dead man rise
The way she danced for me
I would have fallen over without the extra leg
How she danced for me
Time stood still, and all eyes were filled

I said I'll call a taxi, your place or mine?
She said she didn't mind, any place is fine
So I took her back to what passed for an apartment

She said coyly that she liked the view
It was a cellar apartment
I said the only thing anyone around here is looking at is you

And then she danced for me
My words fell short as she moved with life
The way she danced for me

So a little while later a little further down the line
I think our life together has turned out just fine
But it seems I was thinking along different lines

"Oh I'm bored, I'm bored, I never dance anymore"
I say well baby you can dance anytime I'll move the table
She says that's no good I need the lights, I need the amore
I'm tired of you and this place, you're a bore
I don't think we belong together anymore

She made to leave and reached for the door
I'll remember the sound as she fell to the floor
My blood was up, I was seeing red, and this is what I said

You will dance for me
You've danced to love now dance to hate
You will dance for me
For now and evermore

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