The Collective

G                                              C
Baby, I thought you'd always be there
G                                           C
Baby, I thought of you as a rock
D                        C
So I left you, all alone
D                          C
And you did fine, on your own
Without me

Baby, I let you slip from my mind
Baby, you knew I wasn't true
Still I thought that, when I came back
We would get right, back on track
I was foolish

C                                                     D
Everything always works out for the best
C                                                       D
I'm happy now I've got this off my chest
C                         D
No look backs, no regrets
C                                                            D
We can both go on to bigger and brighter things

Baby, this must be what I want
Baby, cos otherwise I'd stay
I want to, see you grow
And know that you can, happily go
Without me

Baby, I wanted to see the world
Baby, we were both in a rut
I felt it now, and then
I'd do the same, again
Without me


Baby, I've got to let you go
Baby, I harbour no regrets
After all, you're just a company
And you do fine, I can see

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