The Blair Crusades

G                                             C             G
Once upon a time there lived an ambitious politician
C                                                          G
Who wanted to change his country as his personal mission

He won the election with a mandate for change
And embarked upon a reforming rampage

Em                                                              G
As time passed his country's problems weren't big enough
Em                                              C
A religious man with a direct line to God

He looked up for problems further out in the world
And counselled his people for war

D     C
For crusades

G                         Em             G
Arise, arise, First Minister of War
C                                    G
Explain to the people what's worth fighting for

Arise, arise, First Minister of War
Tell them what people will die for

Now ride, let's ride into history
For something that's bigger than just you and me

Allied with America he launched the attacks
To quell Afghanistan and bring freedom to Iraq

The invasions turned out to be the easiest parts
But just 'cos you got the head doesn't give you the heart

All the many factions began to uprise
And hundreds of thousands of people died

Bloody fighting continued day and night
And still there is no end in sight

For the crusades


Whether for the attention or the power
He wanted to be the man of every hour

Drunk on attention he tried to seduce success
But all he ever managed was a hand up her dress

Fighting on so many fronts at home and abroad
Against deception and allegations of fraud

His own country spiralled into decay and debt
And it was clear that he'd lost out on his legacy bet

Finally he abdicated a ruined man
But claimed no regrets for the things he had done

And if he had his chance he would do the same
But nobody would follow him again

On the crusades


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