Talking diabetes

Eating sweets, too many berries
Not moving about - too sedentary
Docs given you bad news 
(Fuck) diabetes

Ayurveda classifies foods by six taste

Each performs an action and they're interlaced

If you indulge the sweet one

You guessed it: diabetes

Its Sanskrit name describes the state you're in 

Madhumeha it means honey urine

You've eaten so many carbs
You piss sugar


So come on sweetpeas
I guarantees
We're gonna beat these
Old diabetes

Ayurveda diagnoses 20 types

The treatment depends upon your doshic balance
The principle is opposites and the obvious one is

The bitter taste

All bitter foods have powerful actions
They're anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
Antiviral, anthelmintic, alterative

Some big words there. Google them later.

One thing you'll notice in your Google result
Is how many supplements are made from leaves
Neem leaves, mango leaves, fig leaves, bay leaves, guava leaves, hibiscus leaves, lime leaves
My god!
The sweeter the fruit, the better the leaves

But don't go ordering them from far flung places
Where they might have been sprayed
With herbicides, pedicides
It's homicide
Societal suicide

But that's another song

Cook 'em in a tea, dry them for a powder
Add them in a soup, a stew or a chowder
Make exotic wraps
Eat the leaves, leave the fruit


Now I'm sure by now you've recognised
The real battle here is against your tastebuds
You gotta reset

Once you've eaten Amla
Water tastes sweet

Don't be satisfied until
Carrots taste like caramels



What else?

Yoga’s good the sun salutation

For circulation from your head to your toes

Try the peacock pose

Good luck with that one

Doing bhujangasana every day

Will strengthen the stomach in a gentle way

And reinvigorate those

Dying digestive organs

And the more you socialize with friends

Who practice yoga and backward bends

It’s inevitable

You’ll see improvement


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