Rolling round the world



You say with your head that you’ve settled down


‘Til a travelling band, roll in to town


With the zest and zeal and energy of life on the road

You remember the people and places you’ve seen

And think of the countries you’ve never even been

And the road it calls out to you like a long lost love

The only thing between here and there

Is the wrench of leaving the one that you care

If she doesn’t leave the ones that she loves too


Stuck on a one track

Not on the way back

Do you really want to be someone that can leave like that?


Cos I can’t stop – rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling round the world

Rolling rolling rolling, rolling round the world


Still can’t seem to ever learn how

To live in the place where I am now

When all my life’s been planning for over the hill

It’s not greener there on the other side

But it will be new for a little while

And it’ll be in sight of the brow of another hill

But living like that on the edge of the wind

Cos you’re always missing out on something if you want to do everything




When you’re meeting the travellers who

Are the doing the things that you used to do

The memories come rushing come back in an unstoppable wave

You got to hold on, not to get washed away


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