Plastic sea

Bm                                    E
Out there in middle of each ocean
Bm                                           E
Are high pressure gyres with little motion
All the rubbish collects there
Swirls in from everywhere
F#                                    Bm
There they form a plastic sea

The bad news is the problems getting smaller
As the pieces become too small to collect from a trawler
Just because plastic don't break down
Doesn't mean it can't be ground
Now everywhere's a plastic sea

F#                                         Bm
The process has already long begun
F#                                                  Bm
And soon there will be more plastic than plankton
It works its way up the food chain
And makes a home in your brain
F#                               Bm
Welcome to the plastic sea

So don't be surprised when the next time you gut a fish
And find it its stomach filled with plastic bits
All the chemicals in its flesh
That soon you will digest
As you eat the plastic sea

They're already discussing the possibility
Of how it affects our virility
They said there wasn't proof
Until nobody can reproduce
Of course it was the plastic sea

And they say there's no reversal
And it's only going to get worse so
A                                   B
Better keep your DNA on ice

And then as the sea levels rise
Keep your eggs and your sperm held high
Don't use an oil-based lube
Store them in a glass test tube
As you wade into the plastic sea

And then in 10,000 years time
They dig down to the plastic line
We got what we deserved
But at least we are preserved
Perfectly in a plastic sea

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