Night's like these

(Capo 7th)

It's on nights like these
When we are far apart
A stillness sits inside
A melancholic in my heart

It's on nights like these
That my blessings mean so much
To be truly at one with all of this
I am thankful for the touch

It's on nights like these
When the world goes on alone
I would trade my cows and casings
To be locked inside our home

Em Am
I look out across this city
With its lights and lives alive

I think of what goes on now
And what went on before

And of the things that are still to come
And what remains undone

It's on nights like these
That I miss you more than words
To speak to nothing to the silence
And to know that I am heard

It's nights that these
That I feel something above
I take what I can from the letters
And they leave me with the love

It's nights like these x3

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