My leaving was a long time coming

I'm better now I've gone
It was bad what I'd become
A non-resolving sum
I was only heading down

I know I share the blame
For the chaos reign
The money down the gaps
Tried to fill where we lacked

Foolish through and through
I thought the more you do
More chances to come true
Partly guilty rich, and young

The damn house we bought
Was nothing like we thought
A museum of the things
We were too lazy to learn

I'm leaving those ways
Leaving that waste
Leaving your words
Leaving those days

Leaving that life
Leaving those walls
Leaving that look
Leaving it all... far behind

So take all my clothes
My many mannered robes
My vanity expose with your voodoo doll

Pile it on a pyre
Build your threatened fire
Of my decorative books and silent records

And my writings that you read
Where you ripped up what I said
Burn them down instead
To give you better status


But it's because of that I've gone so far
I was wound up so tight
The tension now released
Has catapulted me

You can't stop me now I'm running
My engines a humming and a gunning
You know my leaving was a long time coming

And once you've cleared me out
The fire will reveal
All the unused gifts
That tried to heal the rifts

The guru behind the curtain
Awaits your meditation
Behind non-reflective glass
He laughs and he laughs

Ride that dusty racing bike
Along now empty shelves
Past the piano never played
To the place you never prayed


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