MI5 vs. Omar Deghages

If only he'd talked to us, your honour
If only he'd told the truth
               D                                                G
Instead of being evasive and telling obvious lies

But I can't give evidence about it
It's a national secret
You can torture me, but I'll never tell

He told them a few details but they wanted it all
That he was a British-resident didn't mean nothing at all
He didn't tell, he didn't tell

He thought he'd be better off with the Americans
But they turned out more violent than the Pakistans
No comment, no comment

It sounded like good news when he heard was being rendered away
A little place in the Carribean called Guantanamo Bay
A living hell, a living hell

He was there for 33 months and thought he was going to die
They beat him so bad that he lost an eye
In his cell, they said he fell


Now he's suing the British government to get himself a trial
But they're stalling the release of over half a million files
It's taking a while, it's take a while

There are 60 lawyers working with black market pens
It'll take about nine years before they get to the end
They're working hard, they're working hard

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