Magnetic engine blues

G                  Em                             C                                  D                G
We had this German guy come and stay with us through an ad on Workaway
He had many stories and one of them was about a magnetic engine he'd seen in a house near Munich
It was powering the whole house without any connection the mains
And he seemed a trustworthy guy with no reason to lie
But obviously if it works, then why isn't everyone using one?

I've got the magnetic engine, magnetic engine blues. I'm so confused
I've got the magnetic engine, magnetic engine blues

I researched it more on the internet and watched many videos on youtube
And they seem very plausible but they're not perpetual of course
As Youtube is not perpetual yet
So I think probably the best idea is I buy some magnets from the local shop
And try to set up some sort of wheel or fan myslef and give it a go and then I'll know
Sometime, in the future, when I have time, until then


Then if it really works I'll spread the news, quietly
Just to friends and family as I don't want to become well known
Because the energy and petroleum companies are paranoid and insecure
And can be extremely violent and I don't want to disappear
In something that looks like an accident but was obviously not


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