I didn't sleep so good

I didn't sleep so good (the boat was really rocking)
I didn't sleep so good (my head I kept on knocking)
I didn't sleep so good (better not piss me off)

I tried it on the bench with an armrest in my back
I don't know what sadistic fuck designed it like that
E                                           B
I gotta lay down, I can't sleep sitting up

I saw you moving around to find a way to suit you
I think you tried more positions than the Karma Sutra
But you won't get satisfaction with an armrest up your arse


I tried it on the couch, I tried it on the floor
I was drifting in and out until I woke up around four
When the man at the back started snoring, like a horse

There are other ways to economize
I can do without food or material prizes
But next time Emma, I've gotta have a bed


Well the cabins were expensive so we had to ride couch
58 for a shared, a hundred for your own
At least now I know the price of a good night's sleep

They didn't just make it cramped they also made it cold
I didn't have a blanket so I put on all my clothes
And I was shivering all night, rocking along with the boat


Better not piss me off

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