I cherish you

VERSE 1 (Man solo)
Everywhere I look I see decline
And people are blind to it

Everybody is else is busy broadcasting themselves
They've no time for anyone else

BRIDGE 1 (Man spoken)
I despair
I feel
TV and newspapers
Are perpeting sorrow
I don't know what's sadder
Truth or lies
I get so angry
So angry

VERSE 2 - 1.24 (female)
Cherishing a stranger like they were your best friend
Always putting other people first

Cherishing the joy of seeing other people happy
Seeing how it makes you feel yourself

Cherishing another like you would your own mother
Remembering how she cared for you

BRIDGE 2 - (Conversation between the two)
Man: The pursuit of happiness, will only make you sad
Woman: Open up
Man: The world is closed to me
Woman: Open yourself

VERSE 3 - 2.54
(3 voices overlapped - Female repeats verse 2, Male says following:)
There's so much wrong with the world today
It's too late, nothing can be done

There's so much wrong with the system we live in
It's engorged and rotten to the core

There's so much wrong with the people that rule us
And people are blind to the truth

There's so much wrong with society
No one has love anymore

(Over-the-top, choir sings:)
Cherishing life, cherishing love, cherishing , cherishing living
Cherishing hope, cherishing happiness, cherishing now, cherishing giving
Cherishing time, cherishing joy, cherishing people, cherishing wonder
Cherishing sounds, cherishing kindness, cherishing change, cherishing you

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