Debt train

Chords: Fm G# Cm Fm

Here’s my tale of wow
My elation at excess
I hereby state it for the record
And confess my success

I did buy now pay later
I went on a credit run
And for the benefit of being
I got two for one

I borrowed more than I’ve got
To buy more than I need
That cut don’t heal well
This sucker bleeds

I’m going to go to the casino
And win my way back
To get out of the red
I’ll put it all on black

[Experimental instrumental]

I blame it on the mailman
I curse his children
For first the mail orders
And then the orders in the mail

The slope is more slippery
The lower I get
For another day older
I go a week in debt

I don’t see an end to this
Long tunnel of pain
And the light at the end of it
Turned out to be a train

When you’re standin’ in a hole
And all you’re holdin’ is a spade
The only thing you’ve got left to do
Is to dig yourself a grave

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