Cold cure blues

VERSE  (C#  C  B  F#)
[Jack and Emma alternate]
I've got a cold coming
I feel it my bones
Rising up
It's gonna be a big one

The fastest cure in the East or West
Is liquid silver down the neck
It's a miracle cure
Works every time for me

It's too expensive and I ain't got none
But I feel the symptoms coming on
My nose is streaming
Working up a head of steam

Pour salt water into each nose
Swirl around until the muscous goes
It dries out the sinuses
Will make the cold go faster

CHORUS (C# F# C# F#)
I've got the cold cure blues
The symptoms or the cure?
I've got the cold cure blues
What's worse well I'm not sure
I've got the cold cure blues

That's hurt like hell I need a modern cure
I spent a fortune at the drug store
But it's getting worse
My throat is really raw

Take a clove of garlic in the side of the mouth
It's the best known cure North or South
An antiseptic
Let the juices down

And talk to people with garlic breath?
Ah but it's getting worse now it's on my chest
I'm coughing up phlegm
All colours of the rainbow

Honey in hot water is the best cough mixture
Cheap and easy and bound to fix you
Leave all those expensive drugs
On the shelf


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