A self respected man

I got the idea from different people I've stayed with who had self-help books on their shelves. Fellow searchers. In fact it's the first song to arise from my experience of travelling. 

This song looks pretty simple at first, just including every word in the dictionary with self in it. But it's based on some deeper thinking. The simple ideas often have the longest history. I only got the idea for the structure when I found the huge list of self words on rhymezone.com and started to divide them into categories and then I put the categories in order and it became story. Songs often write themselves like this. Logic takes over.

It's really the idea for the song that requires inspiration and makes a song special. Melodies and rhythms are two-a-penny. The songs that go down well live and make it to albums are ones actually about something people can relate to.

I used to be self-loathing with some self-restraint
My self-depreciation was a form of self-harm
I was in self-denial about my self-abuse
And all this self-pity made me feel self-disgust

D / A / E
I'm was a self-made man

To stop this self-destruction I learnt self-defence
Learnt self-preservation against my own self-doubt
Selfless self-sacrifice and self-examination
Lead me to self acceptance


I learnt self-control and practiced self-restraint
I read self-help books and became more self-aware
I became self-employed and I learnt self-sufficient
I learnt self-will, and now I'm completely self-contained


Going to write me a self-help bible
With the things that took years to find
It'll have a complete index
And a quick reference guide

Now I've got self-esteem I've built self-respect
My self-regard grew and it's self-evident
That I've got self-assurance and self-confidence
My self-


I'm a self-confessed self-obsessive and truly self-indulgent
I get self-absorbed and I'm self-involved
Self-centered around my own self-worship
I'm self-opinionated and angrily self-righteous


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