Doctors unite 2 

VERSE C          G                Am Obesities an epidemic C                 G                Am Heart disease is endemic
BRIDGE C                           F           Who can end the nightmare Am                            C What can stop the pain? Am           F                      G Dieticians? Or marketing campaigns?
CHORUS Am                        G                F No, the remedy we need is Universal C              G          C Doctors must unite

VERSE Doctors are stressed to the point of…

Doctors Unite 

Capo 5th
VERSE Am Obesity is killing people C It's an epidemic Am Heart disease is a deadly virus F And it's become endemic
CHORUS Am                                     G So should we have stricter regulations F                          C And marketing campaigns? Am                        G No, the remedy is Universal F                C Doctors unite
VERSE AI is coming And the comings going deep The doctor-patient relationship Will become 2 minutes at best

VERSE Doctors are data entry clerks Staring at their keyboards Who's got time…

A song about singing 

VERSE Dm I'd been driving for years Am Lost in foreign lands C Searching for help G Some guiding hands
I'd gone cross country Even lost the road I was given directions By people lost themselves
But it was in my darkest hour That I heard her name Whispered on the wind And I was guided 
The parking lot was packed And the queue went round the block But a desperate man won't be denied I found a window without a lock
I climbed into her chamber And poured out my heart Of how I'd lost my voice She watched me in the dark 
"Your problems…

How Not to Die Yet 

CAPO 3rd
VERSE C Adding antioxidant spices to all my cooking (gentle cooking) F Sprouting seeds and legumes across my counter (kitchen counter) C Toasting seeds and blending to make healthy spreads (lovely spreads) F And in every meal I adding some legumes (legumes)
CHORUS Am                         G           F            C Whole foods made fresh are what I eat Am     G          F        G Only earthly, never meat Am    F            G    C As I try not to die yet
VERSE Tumeric and pepper in honey after every meal (healthy…

Our towns 

VERSE D#m                           A#m In our town we have pride                            G#m          A#m We don't form factions or divide                   D#m                       G#m    We decided to come together        A#m             D#m And together we decide
And our towns reinventing Changing with the times Not limited by our history Now we build outside the lines
In our town we don't wait For the government or state To come with the solutions And fix the issues that we face
CHORUS          B We are united        …

Roll back the surveillance state 

VERSE E                                                  A Big tech monopolies are on the march E              Bf Acting improperly
Working for the government and sucking us in They capitalise on me
BRIDGE A                I thought I was protected C#m Pretty much hid A But they've got more power Bf Than the Stasi ever did
CHORUS E                        Bf                 C#m            A But I don't want big brother deciding my fate A                         Bf             E Roll back the surveillance state

VERSE The door…

Service to freedom 

VERSE -  Bf - Gm - D# - F Freedom from selfishness is services Selfishness is the prison We have built for ourselves on this earth And to climb out of it we need to serve others
Service shows the server is on the ladder of evolution And only those with a yearning desire to serve Are advancing slowly and overcoming their materialistic aspects They alone are deserving of the rewards of cosmic wisdom
Service is love in practical action Service is the result of applied spiritual logic Service is the lasting flower in the…

Drinking Reasons 

CAPO 1st
VERSE C                  Am     F                     C I drink to socialise, I drink out of habit  C                  Am     F             C It's become a crutch now and I need to have it
I drink to cope, I drink to cleanse I drink I drink I drink though I know where it ends
I drink for boredom, I drink to numb Cos I can't stand mundane situations
I drink for peers, I drink to belong I drink I drink I drink though I know that it's wrong
CHORUS F                 C I need to acknowledge G              C That I am…

The Numbers Game 

 VERSE D Statistics, get twisted What kind of life are we living? Bm           A           D                 Our world is data-driven
Correlation's not causation The truth is often hidden My world is data-driven
BRIDGE C D - G  F#/D Em - C D G                                            A Got no destination. Distracted by the stations D                       A                Bm                 money and crap and those complications G     A Still I try, and I I I I
CHORUS G Em C D D Got down, but know that I can do this Bm Oh…

Multipolar Moloch Trap into Human Extinction 

VERSE How on earth can we survive? Nature's more valuable dead than alive The monster of cement and aluminium In the incomprehensible prison, we live in
If sick people are good for GDP Where are our brains and imagination? Wars will boost the economy And smokestacks pump out damnation
BRIDGE    C                                D Selfishness in the short run  G                     D/F#        Em Is eventually bad for everyone                                            C Is there no way to prevent this?                  D …

The Healer 

VERSE Am Step aside for the healer Let him come through Higher energy Flowing through you
Dm Sending out the light Pushing out the love E                       E7 Sent down from above
VERSE Make way for the healer With the energy No attachment to the outcome Extra sensory
Pushing through the karma Fighting back the night Channeling the light
MIDDLE Am                       E Lift up to a higher level Dm                     E Send the power out
Confident that your healing Will work without a doubt
VERSE Give it up for the healer …

I wanna take ya for a ride on my bicycle 

For a Bicycle ride 
CHORUS C                                        F I wanna take ya for a ride on my bicycle  On my bike, on my bike, ‘cause it’s all I got
I wanna take ya for a ride on my bicycle  ‘cause it’s all I got
VERSE I ain’t got a car I can’t take you that far  But I know we’ll have a good time 
So just jump on the back  Of my bicycle rack  And together we can fly 
VERSE  We will see such wonderful things  Just you and me  Through the stars you’ll see my name? 
Some dust on your skin  Washing off in…

The Universal Law of the One and the Many 

INTRO The Law of the One and the Many states: from the One comes the Many and from the Many comes the One. Within the one is the potential for the many, and within the many there is inherently the one.
It applies on a micro level in the subatomic world, on a macro level in the astronomical world, and anywhere in between, including all of human behavior.

In the universe –
expanding then forming  super galaxy clusters,  will contract back into the one.

On the earth – In geology,   tectonic plates make a…

What's Pandemic Protocol? 

CHORUS What's Pandemic Protocol? Isolate the most vulnerable
What's Pandemic Protocol? If the threat is small Can't protect them all

Wake up to Social Justice 

Capo 6th - D-shape
Riff: G# A# F A#
VERSE "The Master's tool can't bring down the Master's house" Is anarchic fallacy
Reason and rationality m
Freedom of speech must be protected From a univocal majority
I won't say what you can say, cos it's our way democracy And liberty's a hard won thing
Instead of violent condemnation  Engage... in conversation
VERSE  Discrimination But attacking discrimination
If the oppressed becomes the oppressor The lessons not been learnt
Will you weigh the words you say
Instead of just…

Keyholes to Open Borders 

VERSE G                                     D                             C                               G
Immigrants took our jobs! They took our jobs, they took our jobs!
C                                    Em                       D                     G
Charge them higher taxes, and pay the taxes of the natives

Immigrants just take, and they will break, the welfare state
Limit access to vital services until they've contributed

C                                 D                G
Keyhole solutions to…


VERSE A                                  E When all the world is burning D                                            A And the smoke blocks out the sun A                     E How can you say C#                   A It is ok that way? D                    E             A How can you live in denial?
VERSE When the storms do so much damage And are stronger every year Meteorologists exclaim That they're running out of names How can you live in denial?
MIDDLE       E      D       A As sea levels rise …

The Man Who Brought The Fire 

VERSE A traveller came upon a land, where there was rich and plenty He thought back to his own island, where hungry folk were many He wondered how to help them, what could one man do? Twas then the fire spoke to him, said I will come with you
VERSE A boat was found and readied, provisions for the fire In the storm they set off
VERSE Once more upon his own clan's shore, the fire blazed anew Feasting on spring's energies, as the earth came into bloom  Now when your glass is overflowing, fill it up still higher Drink a…

Therapy from meaning 

VERSE D                                 G Old man sad, old man crying A                        D Cos his wife has gone
He loved her more than life itself It's a tragedy her dying
BRIDGE Bm                         A                  G                          D But what if he had died before? Think then of her pain Bm                         A                      G                          D His suffering's the price he's paid to spare her all that strain
CHORUS Bm                         A Things aren't always the…

The Flow (I Get In My Way) 

C I'm tuned into a frequency Something outside of me F When I am in the flow
I wake up early the world is still Morning pages need no skill When I am in the flow
BRIDGE Am          G                  F Ideas come like on a string Words and pictures and scenes and things Perfectly formed and shaped you see Am                 F         G             C I'm picking up mind outside of me
VERSE I almost act unconsciously Words come to me effortlessly When I am in the flow
I'm channelling some higher voice …

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