Darragh Carroll's incredible journey

Darragh Carroll, That's all I'm saying. Listen to it, it's incredible. (And includes a journey.) 











Lyrics to the song that was inspired by the interview:


3 chords: F A#  C  

CAPO 3rd 

Guitar chord shapes: 

D            G                 A          D 
A young man came upon a land 
D                            G           A 
Where there was good and plenty 
D                              G             A         D 
His thoughts went back to his own island 
D                        A            D 
Where poorly folk were many 

G                   A                D             G 
He prayed to know what to take to them 
D                G           A 
What can one man do? 
D                            G 
Twas then the fire spoke to him 
         A                        D 
Said 'I will come with you' 

D                                  G 
A boat was found and readied 
                A                          D 
And they set out on winter seas 
D                                  G 
Truly the storms were fearsome 
                D                          A 
For months the man was ill at ease 

G                   A                D             G 
But the fire fed by its brother elements 
D                G           A 
And grew ever more bright 
D                              G 
Until the storms abated 
A                                   D  
And Ireland was in sight  

Once upon the shore 
The fire grew anew 
Feeding on Spring energies 
As the earth came into bloom  

By horse and cart they travelled 
Bringing light and food to all  
The plague-ravaged population 
Came out to heed their call 

When they reached the sacred centre there 
With a small and solemn band  
The man looked long into the fire 
Then buried it in the land 

G                   A                      D 
When your crops never stop growing 
G                           A 
Fill your glass to overflowing 
D                       G 
Drink a toast to Devas 
            A                                D 
And the man who brought the fire