Vata for Rhapsody

She's Vata, dry and light
Rough to the touch, cold as ice
Subtle and clear
C                          F
Can't stop moving around

VERSE -(physical characteristics)
Physically there ain't there ain't much to see
Skin and bone

Their skin is typically grayish, dry, dark, cold, and rough.
Brittle nails and pale skin
Wiry hair that's gone with the wind
Cold hands 
protruding joints
Never seen her sweat
I love that woman
Bf                F
But she's crazy

VERSE (Personality)

She's filled with love like a butterfly

and got so much joy

Excitable, lively, fun personality

Multitasking, but doesn't finish a thing

Changes her mind like she changes her clothes

Quick to learn, quick to forget

Creativity, mental quickness Highly imaginative

A live wire until she burns out the fuse box

But she tends to wear herself out and to overexert

Full of joy when she's not full of worry

Act on an impulse

I love that woman

But she's talking all the time



Now don't get me wrong now we all need Vata

Without it we wouldn't say a word

Wouldn't even breathe, heart wouldn't beat

Have no sensations, no consciousness

And Kapha would go crazy


nd she's taking caffeine

Too much talking and no daily routine

Couple of weeks travelling

All the time the Vata's building up

Improper food habits, untimely eating, 


Undisciplined lifestyle

Stress and worries

Sleep disturbances

Excessive indulgence in physical exercises and workouts and sexual act

Not properly following the daily and seasonal regimen advocated in the science

Forcible suppression or expulsion of natural urges as those of fart, faeces, urine, hunger, thirst, sleep etc

All the time the Vata's building up

VERSE (Faster/higher)

Now the weather's getting colder a

skipping meals yet eating candy as a food group, drinking lots of diet Coke or carbonated beverages with ice,

Dried fruit

All the time the Vata's building up

VERSE (Faster/higher)

Avoid: peanuts (Frawley), white beans, adzuki beans, pinto beans, shelling peas, peas (dried), lima beans, Miso**, chick-pea, pinto (Frawley), soy flour, soybeans, soybean powder, tempeh, kidney bean, black beans, brown lentils.

All the time the Vata's building up

Aggravated Vata, disrupted sleep
Shaking like a leaf with irrelevant speech
Losing strength
Thinner every day

Vitiated Vata, black discolorations
Distended abdomen and constipation
Craving for heat
Dizzy and peevish

Aggravated Vata, looks like a ghost
Hollow eyes, sunken cheeks
Black under the eyes and pale skin
Terrible state she's in

VERSE (Now she's sick)

Typical health problems include headaches, hypertension,

dry cough, sore throat, earache, anxiety, irregular heart rhythms, muscle spasms, lower back pain, constipation, abdominal gas, diarrhea, nervous stomach, menstrual cramps, premature ejaculation and other sexual dys-functions

VERSE (Looking forward to...)

Vata in the mind causes chronic insomnia

Delirium, mental instability, 

blackouts, and 

severe vata-type depression.

Vata in the digestive tract causes emaciation, incontinence

Irritable Bowel Syn, anal fissures and fistulas

In the circulation collapsed blood vessels

Aneurysms and blood clots

and beautiful varicose veins

Excess vata in these areas can lead to lack of coordination, weakness, muscle fatigue, quivering thighs, tightness, stiffness, and muscle aches, cracking, popping, or pain in the bones and joints,

Ticks and tremors and tingling

umbness, sciatica, nerve pain, a stiff neck, pain around the pelvic girdle

vague or generalized pain. 

Muscle wasting, rigidity, atrophy, joint dislocations,

osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoporosis,

scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, prolapsed organs, fibromyalgia, spontaneous bone fractures, convulsions, seizures, paralysis, fainting, changes in thyroid function, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

In summary...





All pain




Skeletal breakdowns



Complete system failure


Plus old age.... the age of Vata


F                  Am

Now this is wasted 


How this is tasted


It just keeps pushing through


All the time

Serving my senses

Jumping through fences

Building the hoops in

All the time

When I keep pouring

Nobody's scoring

What does it matter then?

All the time

All the time

All the time


Am                                    F

Now somebody ought to say

Am                      F

Something someday


To keep my head outta the ground

CHORUS (Same chords as verse)

Hearing the sound

Going around

Looping like nothing I've heard before

Caught by

Caught out

Caught like a dear in the headlights

Caught short

Caught dead

Caught up in the crossfire


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