Son of the sum (14 urges)

(Of the 5 elements)
If you imbibe of the fire
Then it's heat that you sire
And will lose your temper
And your hair

(Of the 6 tastes)
If you overly embrace
The astringent taste
It can cause clots
And even strokes

(Of the 20 gunas)

(And the 14 urges)
The 14 urges!
The 14 urges!

If you suppress the urge
For a flatus purge
You can damage your vision
And your heart

If you need to defecate
But decide to wait
It can cause a twisting pain
In your calfs

If you try to hold in
Your body's urine
It can lead to
Urinary Calculi

By inhibiting your burps
Constipation can usurp
Anorexia and tremours
You will see

You're the son of the sum of the things you've done
Avoid aggravating actions

You're the son of the sum of the things you've done
Simple karmic transactions

Curbing a sneeze 
Causes headaches by degrees
Neck stiffness 
And facial palsy

While ignoring thirst
Can cause deafness at first
Delusions that end

Not answering hunger
Will send you under
With the inevitable
Loss of weight

Oppressing sleep
Will send you down deep
With body ache
You can't get across


Restraining a cough
Makes a molotov
That will explode in your heart
Or your chest

Holding your breath
Under exercise stress
Can lead to tumours 
Or cardiac arrest

If you look down with scorn
On the urge for a yawn
Will give you a headache
And weaken sense organs

By stopping your tears
Rhinitis can appear
Neck stiffness 
And abdominal bloating

Blocking the urge to be sick
Can make you allergic
It's anaemic and promotes

Or holding in semen
When it should be leaving
Causes impotency
For a start

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